Nordia 2019 har følgende adresse:

Nordia 2019

Postboks 2700, St Hanshaugen
N-0131 Oslo
Norge / Norway
Konto: 6315.05.05587

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Nordia 2019

Nordia 2019 is a Nordic stamp show and without doubt the largest stamp exhibtion in Nordic countries, after Stockholmia in 2019.

The Nordia 2019 show will take place in Grålum near Sarpsborg and not far from Fredrikstad and the Swedish boarder at Svinesund in southeast Norway.

One hour drive from Oslo and two and half from Gothenburg.

The Norwegian Philatelic Federation Stamp is organizing the exhibition in coorporation with the local clubs. This is 30 years after the first Nordia held in the same surroundings in Fredrikstad 1989.

The intent is to create an exciting stamp show for both new and experienced stamp collectors. We hope to give every visitor both the pleasure of interesting stamp collection, and at the same time perhaps give a glance of norwegian hospitality and culture.

A seperate folder is made to inform visitors about the location and how to get to the exhibition. Or you can visit the For tilreisende-page for more details.